Irma's Impacts, What is Going to Happen?

With this nasty storm coming through, this puts lots of people and places at a halt. Although the affects aren't known now, here is some possible issues that could arise from the dangerous formed storm. 

Georgia Ports Authority

The Port of Savannah and the Port of Brunswick are facing a large possibility of feet of rain, due to being on the coast and in the direction of Irma. Not many good situations can come out of the location of these ports, besides the water staying in the ocean and not flooding the docks filled with cargo.


The airports located in Miami, Orlando, and Ft. Lauderdale have not been closed as of yet, but that could change very quickly as the storm approaches. Once the storm makes landfall, one could assume that the flying conditions would not be optimal for safe flights and would eventually close for the remainder of the storm.

Not only does it affect Florida, but also surrounding states that are hit by this hurricane of crazy proportions. Atlanta and Charleston airports could be in for quite the treat with the amounts of rain projected to hit the proceeding states as well.


This Hurricane is definitely set to be a big one, but wishful thinking shows it wont be THE big one.