Irma is Gone, What's Next?

Irma has finally faded out from hurricane status to a tropical depression, and damages are being surveyed, but how bad really is it? What was all affected?

Puerto Rico

Irma had a direct path into Puerto Rico at its peak performance. Totally bulldozing everything in its path, Irma completely disregarded people and places. St. Marten, Anguilla, and Barbuda bared the brunt of the storm, being completely torn apart by 150mph winds and rain. These repairs will take loads of time, as well as the economic impact and the emotional toll from the loss of life.


The Miami-Dade area was hit with similar winds as Puerto Rico, and devastated more of Florida then just there. This left over 15 million people, out of the 20 million in Florida, without any power. It has been a couple days so far, and many people are still looking at possible weeks before they see the lights back on.

Elite has taken on these conditions and are back on the road, making sure we get everything you need where it needs to be. Make sure you thank and recognize the power line workers on getting power back up for everyone.