Reconstruction from the Hard-Hitting Hurricanes

Irma and Harvey are finally gone, and the damage is being evaluated. Over three states, hurricanes Harvey and Irma have been beyond damaging, not just emotionally, but economically as well. Harvey brought Texas levels of rain never seen, as well as the intense flooding that no one expected to occur. If the crazy amounts of water didn't do enough damage, the wind speeds did. At landfall, Harvey brought 130 mile per hour winds, taking anything out in its path. While that was creating tragedy on the gulf, over in the Atlantic, Irma was forming. Topping off to being over 400 miles wide, larger then the length from the Georgia border to the very end of Florida. Breaching the category 5 marker of over 150 mile per hour winds, this storm brought havoc to all of Florida and most surrounding states. Now it is still too early exactly to tell how much these are going to cost, but estimates show upwards of $200 billion dollars in damages. That price tag is comparable to Katrina, which did over $200 billion by itself. These recovery efforts have been sped up thankfully from volunteers in the community as well as other government aids. Although the economic fix is possible, many others will take a lot of time to become emotionally re-established from the problems they are, and will have to face, later on during the reconstruction process.