Power Down

Hurricane Irma ripped through Florida this past Sunday, leaving a whole lot of destruction behind it. Not only taking away just houses, but extensive damages to condominiums, vehicles, and businesses alike. With winds reaching 185 miles per hour, things like this are expected. Although, for the cities that weren't hit as hard with brunt force winds, there were other things besides the rain. These powerful winds obviously blow over objects such as trees and power poles, causing power to be very very limited. So limited in fact, that about three-quarters of the entire state of Florida was left without power as of Monday afternoon. The math shows that out of the 20.6 million people living in Florida, about 15 million of them have lost power since Irma struck the sunshine state. Not only Florida, but Georgia also had a significant amount of power outages from the star, creeping up to 1.5 million residents with no power at all. Slowly closing in on a week, crews are starting to finally be able to make progress, however the sheer damage its left is much worse then originally thought.. Places like blocked roads cause more problems then not with these linemen, causing even longer delays. With these guys working upwards of 12 hour days, hopefully the joint efforts between them and cleaning crews can create a quicker process then expected to.