What is Your Plan B?

What are other obstacles you may face when it comes to moving freight? For example, When Hurricane Harvey flooded the ports in southeastern Texas. What are other obstacles besides the weather?

There is an infinite amount of reasons that could stop a deliver to be held back from business, but focusing on a couple, one would definitely be residential neighborhoods. Often enough, many regular residents are not too fond of living anywhere near large warehouses, one for decreasing property value, and two the trucks going in and out causes large traffic problems in their neighborhoods. Many freight companies have decided to follow in the communities best interests and stay at a distance, but unfortunately it sometimes just doesn't end up picture perfect.

Often enough as regular drivers, you tend to notice an increase in fuel prices, this also can be a large hurdle as well. Since most companies have a fuel charge as well. when the price of gas goes up, so does that charge, thus making business harder to find for a lower price. Almost never does the industry get a chance to control these factors, which stunts its growth.

Well, how do you even begin to adapt to these changes? Some of these can't be that foreseen, right?

Well often we try to do everything as efficiently as possible while also following the unspoken guidelines, but if worse comes to worse, our company will always find a way. If we have your cargo on our truck and traffic is at a standstill, we will get that freight to your dock at the time you need it, one way or another. A lot of times it could just be adaption to the surroundings, but we try to plan out in advance at the start of the day whats going to happen and when, then obviously how to react to it.