Hurricane Irma

Just after the country is starting to recover from one of the nastiest hurricanes the gulf has seen in a long while, there has been more brewing on the east side. Over on the East coast, many know, that Hurricane Irma has rose and is not just you average hurricane. Irma has reached speeds already of 185 miles per hour, otherwise known as a Category 5 hurricane. This hurricane, as many do, is headed straight for landfall as early as today, already leading havoc through small tropical countries throughout the Caribbean. This storm is predicted to move all the way up the Atlantic coast as far as North Carolina, which can be deadly for people and for the industry itself.

The storm is predicted to hit Florida coast lines as a category 4, so not only does this bring strong winds, but also flooding, just like Houston. These floods can prevent any trucks moving through roads. If this storm follows how its predicted, a very, very large portion of Florida, and the rest of the industry could be in a very very bad situation. 

The flooding of Florida would just be another devastating impact to the already recovering US. The Harvey reliefs were already running thin, now we can only imagine how it is about to look having to help this go-around. Hopefully this storm doesn't grow anymore, and hopefully can hold back some power we are already seeing once it hits land.