Harvey Has Moved On, What's Next?

Now that Hurricane Harvey has moved on and out, what comes next? How do us as logistics company respond back with whats going on?

LTL Carriers

There is soon to be massive buildup of cargo that was put on hold because of this, so companies need to start having plans and ideas set up to be able to ship these items correctly. This hurricane doesn't just affect southeastern Texas or Texas itself, this affects every state that has any of their own cargo in or out of it. 


Operations are obviously going to be impacted because of the large amounts of rainfall. This is going to delay pickups and deliveries across the state. Some of these cities include the hard-hit Beaumont and Houston, as well as Corpus Christi and San Antonio. No one has a stable time frame as to when these will be back up, because nobody can get a good estimate as to when the flood waters will wash away.

With these hurricane remains still taking punches into the country, there is no stable time frame to say when the waters will go, but the industry will be down as long as the water levels stay up.