Arkema Chemical Plant Explosion

   The flooding from Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas has caused businesses to close, houses to be destroyed, and people ripped from their families into shelters. Now, if that was not enough, there has been even more problems that have started to rise, chemicals. A chemical plant located in Crosby, Texas has had its first known explosion this afternoon. Reports started to come out quickly once the chemical plants electricity went down. The operator of the plant had taken precaution before the possible flooding, moving the chemicals into back-up refrigerators, hopefully preventing the explosions. Even after moving the chemicals, it still was not enough. The flooding obviously knocked out the electricity, which stopped powering the backup containers, creating the temperatures at which the chemicals were deemed unsafe. As unfortunate as it is, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has taken air samples around the building and have confirmed that the air around is not too toxic enough to take precaution. Even with this report, many officers and firefighters in the area have been hospitalized with possible affects from the air. Fortunately, with the excess amounts of water around the building, the fire is not believed to have the possibility of spreading, but this may leave lasting effects on the air and cities around it.