Future 3PL Factors to Consider

A growing number of companies are starting to rely on 3PL services to handle their cargo. For example, a majority of companies in the computer industry rely on 3PLs. The industry has changed considerably since even as close as ten years ago. Now, new factors such as sustainability, new regulations, and rapidly advancing technologies are once again changing the relationship between clients and logistics companies. 

The new Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program made by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has made the recruitment and training of professional drivers, along with maintenance, more complicated. Many providers are fighting against the CSA, citing unfair regulations created from the safety measurement systems that come from the program. 

There are many factors that are increasing supply chain complexity in slowing down the growth of the global 3PL market. Providers of these services need to expand services or find way to streamline the costs involved in the process. This in turn will enable more businesses to move their supply chain function to 3rd party logistics companies, and continue the positive trends that are happening today.