Common Logistics Management Problems Solved By A TMS

As a business leader, one of the more pressing questions you may have about your logistics is how to get the most out of the resources you allocate to managing your supply chain. A transportation management system would be the answer. These systems update and customize technology that links all supply chain functions to add value to the entire operation and provide you with full visibility. If you’re not happy with the way you currently handle things, or if you see gaps in shipping processes or auditing that desperately need improvement, your best bet is to outsource logistics management by partnering with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that brings with it a modern TMS.

Maintaining Accurate Shipment Tracking

With user-friendly modules at the ready regardless of carrier selection, customer service and tracking teams can have full access to automated and up-to-date shipment information through a TMS. Because customer service will be able to give immediate status updates to customers over the phone, this system will help improve overall customer satisfaction and business perception. A TMS will serve as an extension of all company service teams, as electronically uploaded files are at the ready for financial and management personnel as well as clients and other added users.

Reducing Freight Spend and Internal Resources

Large transportation costs and additional staffing can directly compromise real growth for many companies, but bringing in software that helps to streamline the supply chain can greatly reduce these extra expenses. A capable customer service software such as a TMS will prevent the need for hiring additional staff that would have been needed to get the job done. Carrier rates won’t be a surprise, as the TMS will ease selection processes and help you keep track of critical documents and bills.

A state-of-the-art TMS that integrates with regular company operations will clean up your supply chain and a logistics solution provider that offers continual product updates and training will guarantee that you’re always able to have complete control over your logistics.