4 Ways a 3PL Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

1.   Strengthening your customer service department

  • Instantly access tracking information and images of BOLs

  • Instantly quote transportation costs

  • Satisfy customers with answers on transportation needs on the first call

2.    Increasing productivity in shipping/receiving

  • A single platform can instantly quote transportation costs, schedule shipments with full documentation creation, tracking, and claim status

  • Report on inbound freight delivery to ensure proper planning of personnel

  • Ensure the correct NMFC class is chosen every time

  • Access easy density calculation built into the system

3.    Improving efficiencies in your finance department

  • Analytical tools will allow instant access and visibility to invoice data for planning and forecasting purposes

  • Create actionable objectives using reports and data

4.    Securing new business

  • Increase customer focus by providing automatic delivery status updates via email or text

  • Gain easy access to images of your Bill of Lading and Delivery Receipts

  • Demonstrate your organization is advanced in technology and ready to serve