Increasing eCommerce Sales

You’ve been working on your eCommerce business for a while now. Your sales are steady, but not rising. What can you do to increase eCommerce sales?

Understand Who Your Customer Is

Without a defined marketing persona, you may find it difficult to target your consumer. You need to be sure that your ads are being seen by the right people. Make sure you understand who you’re selling to and why. Create a buyer persona by answering the following questions:

  • What is your buyer’s background?

  • What are the buyer’s goals and values?

  • Define demographics, such as age and gender

  • Identifiers—how does your buyer communicate?

  • What are their challenges and pain points?

Increase Your Ad Spending

Without getting in front of your customer, they won’t know you exist! Start with spending small amounts to test out your campaign. Many people think paid traffic needs to be a big expense, when the reality is, a few well-placed ads do not need to cost an enormous sum. Trying out multiple ads in multiple places is a good way to test for your ad campaign. Test before you spend more. Though you may not get it right the first time, testing should give you information and data that will allow you to refine and adjust your campaign, as you increase eCommerce sales.

Increase Your Traffic using Social Media

Are you marketing your store appropriately? Without getting your message across in a clear way, you may find that your sales dwindle significantly. Instagram is perhaps the most useful platform when it comes to social media and eCommerce. Using influencers on Instagram (individuals with large followings) to market your product is a highly effective way to reach customers. Offer a free product in exchange for a review and a social media post that will reach more followers.

Simplify the Checkout Process

Nobody likes taking the time to create a new account, register, input all of the information, and THEN purchase an item. Customers are far more likely to drop out of the sales cycle when they are forced to go through a lengthier checkout process. Simplify your process by providing the ability to easily check out as a “guest.” Customers are more likely to return to a website with an easy checkout process…like Amazon.

Change Your Shipping Rates

It’s been shown that consumers are actually willing to pay more for a product when there’s free shipping involved. The primary reason for abandoning a shopping cart is unanticipated shipping costs. It’s not necessarily recommended to opt for free shipping as a response to your dwindling checkout rates, as this can seriously affect your margins. But considering cheaper or more shipping options can help lead your customers to a sale, as they can choose which option works best for them.

A good way to implement these tips is to track each individual factor as a metric. You’ll likely find that some tips work better than others for your business—choose those and continue to watch your eCommerce store grow.