What Will Transportation Look Like in 25 Years?

Trucking in the United States has become a big business over the years. As a result, there are countless companies that are looking to trucking and logistics for future opportunities. Companies such as Uber, Samsung, and even Amazon are joining the mix, trying to create its own form of the transportation industry. These companies that created its own technological revolution in its field, leave a feeling that one may happen in this industry as well. This leaves us with the question of what the transportation industry will look like years out? What major changes will there be?

A large focus from many other companies is automated driving, or cars that drive for you. No driver on the gas, no driver to steer the wheel, nothing. Just a vehicle driving only by itself to the destination set. Many investors see this as a thing of the future, and heavily push these ideas to producers. These heavy investors see the automated vehicle as an efficient and safe product that can do two things, have shipping quicker and exact as well as prevent anymore automotive accidents on the freeway.

Theoretically, this all makes sense. No collisions, no misunderstandings, just throw it on the back of the truck and let it ride over there without a problem. However, there is many issues that come with the idea of the "Automatic Car." For starter, its not street legal, so companies do not have any reason to start developing these vehicles, for the sole purpose of them not even being usable. Not only just the legality of it, but what about the technological mishaps? What happens if this car just decides to wire out and break down in the middle of the road? What happens if YOUR truck which is automated breaks down, gets hit, how do you cover for these freight damages? The risks outweigh the rewards by significant amounts at this time.

So to be able to predict this far ahead is just not plausible. Of course, just like in every 20 year increment, technology will advance, there is no denying it. The real question is whether or not that it will be impactful to our industry. If it is, is it impactful for the better? Or will it be for the worse?