Thank You Zack!

Elite has been very blessed to say that over the last 4 years in our success. We have had our customers, vendors and most importantly our staff that contribute to the success of our company, which not many people can say has been true for all categories.

You always want to have a chance to contribute to something and make it better than it was when you leave, and we try to do the same here at Elite with our customers, vendors, and our staff. With sadness and happiness we wish Zack Singletary great success, today will be his last day with Elite.

Zack has contributed greatly to what Elite has built over the years, and has been a large component in our development of the company. He will leave us better than we were when he had joined as he moves on to another industry to expand his career. We hope we have contributed to him as well to carry forward in his growth beyond.

From the entire staff at Elite we wish a very good man nothing but the best in his future, we all thank you for everything you have given to Elite during your time here.