e-Commerce in the Holidays

It is estimated that Americans will spend $1.42 billion dollars online on Cyber Monday, which is a 14% increase over last year. These numbers show that E-commerce is a growing trend, and it is crucial for businesses to have customer-friendly E-commerce tools. Here are some facts that occur threw e-Commerce in the past few years.

  • Cart abandonment decreased by 53%. The number one reason for cart abandonment in E-commerce is the lack of shipping costs being accessible immediately. Our tools give customers real-time LTL quotes 

  • Average sales increased by 40%.

  • Customers benefited from the Transit Time Calculator, which sets accurate expectations from the start.

  • Customers were able to track their shipments online, which has become an expectation rather than a luxury. Online shipment tracking also reduced inbound customer service calls by 30% – saving valuable personnel time.

  • Average customer satisfaction went from 7.2 to 9.4 (on a scale of 1-10) after establishing PNGLC’s E-commerce tools.

Your website can be your best salesperson, and it makes perfect sense to equip your best salesperson with customer-friendly tools. By integrating a TMS with your E-commerce website, we can help your customers in various ways that will result in more sales and higher customer satisfaction. The E-commerce tools are also scalable for accelerated growth and continually updated based on the latest E-commerce and Logistics innovations.