4 Steps for Freight Agent Success

Are you serious about becoming a highly successful freight agent?

If so, then you need to be willing to put in the work to set yourself apart from every other freight agent. On top of that you need to have the best tools and data to help your customers get their freight delivered on time, without error and within their budget. If you’re think you’ve got these things covered, but are still struggling to grow your freight business, then you might be missing a couple important steps.

Strategize- Set both short and long term goals. This will help grow and optimize your business. With so many different links along the supply train, a successful freight agent must have the ability to quickly strategize to get the job done.

Organization- Staying organized will keep your information ready to relay back and forth quickly if necessary. Have a plan in place, you are more than likely to meet your goals, always having a plan, a backup plan, and strategies to prevent other problems.

Communicate- Communication between your team is crucial in multiple ways. If there is a busy time of freight going in and out, as well as other customers trying to get in contact, things can get hectic and crazy fast. Constantly be talking between your workers in the office and your drivers to have the best idea of where everything is at, when it needs to be there, and how its getting there.

Network- Always find time to talk to others. Not only does this create optimal moods throughout the workplace, this will also broaden your company to other people. If they remember the face, they will remember the company.