Quarterly Update!

During the past 4 months, Elite jumped head first into an industry that is booming in comparison to only ten years ago. While many other companies have been weary in joining in the craze, Elite was not intimidated of the flow of products from this upcoming industry, e-Commerce. This e-Commerce boom has come from companies from the likes of Amazon, providing services such as electronics, furniture, and even fresh groceries to be delivered right to their residence. The services like this are what provide the e-Commerce industry its foundation.

The true definition of e-Commerce is any transaction, such as buying or selling, over the internet, however, that might raise questions as to how that affects assets such as drivers or our warehouse. Well from the online order, the freight has to be moved from Point A to Point B somehow, and what better way to do that but with a 3PL? After seeing the industry’s success, Elite decided to try our hand at this.

Through different segregation methods such as weight and size, we were able to experience first hand how important the e-Commerce industry is to modern-day society. After shipping different expensive cargo pieces on multiple pallets, the importance of the 3PL in the e-Commerce industry is very high, just as it is outside of the industry as well.

E-Commerce is the new face of the freight/shipping industry, and there is no denying that. With Amazon’s success story, and other outlets of online shopping such as e-Bay, this just gives another greater demand to the stretched industry. However, this does open up more jobs and fields of work people may not have ever been exposed to. Since e-Commerce is done, electronically, or over the internet, that offers more opportunities for businesses to offer more services online, which creates separate jobs for those other services that may not have been offered before.