Millions of Pounds, Millions of Smiling Faces

Over the course of the past 3 months, Elite Logistics workload has been doubled since building a partnership with a major notable carrier, to help move their freight in a more efficient manner. Not many companies get this opportunity, but this is just another branch of connections built since Elite's own Justin Taylor winning the 2017 ATL Cargo Person of the Year award, held by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.. Once a name is recognized, people soon learn for what goes on behind the name. This just proves this is not just a "Justin Taylor" thing, this is an "Elite" thing.

"People thought i was crazy," says Taylor, " as soon as I walked in this warehouse, I had tape, scattered everywhere on the floor, mapping out exactly where everything was going to go, racks and all." I am sure that no one could have predicted the growth in such a small time. The warehouse would soon go from being loaded with just about 600,000 lbs to over a million in one month.

Although these numbers are merely numbers to Justin, who during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, moved frequently high volumes of freight through the entirety of Georgia. Knowing what it feels like to move lots of freight at once definitely helped ease the quick transition into place.

The respect earned by people and companies around the airport has been overwhelming and heartwarming, which gives this small town company, a big time name. Now not only do they have a very sturdy track record, they also have an efficiently proven one as well, with the numbers to prove it.