ATL Truck Pass

As of March 1, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport now requires a TRUCKPASS, a reservation-based docking credential, to access the cargo docking area for freight loading and unloading. This idea was conceived to reduce the amount of clogged traffic throughout the cargo docking area and make a more efficient process for all parties involved. The TRUCKPASS consists of 3 steps, Arrive, Assign, and Load. These steps all have a specific description, for example, Arrive is coming to the check in hub and getting all of the information you need ready. Assign is completed after the driver gives the hub a phone number, reservation number, the airline and whether or not it is an import or an export. Once the driver gives all the information, directly around the hub is a parking lot that the driver waits in until given a text message that his dock is ready. This waiting area for the trucks prevents stand-still traffic in the docking area and moves it to an actual lot to wait for their turn. Once the driver receives a message saying their cargo is ready, the driver loads up and drives out to their next destination. Theoretically, this is how the TRUCKPASS is supposed to work, although whether or not this can be put well into use is a different story.