How Do We Operate?


The Three P's

Plan Your Mission, but Prepare to Pivot- Prepare for Dozen of scenarios and pay attention to every detail for each shipment. Yet unknowns will always happen, serve our customers and our teammates with the ability to handle surprises and make adjustments on the fly.

Leave No Man Behind

Teamwork is everything. Cohesive teams are forged over months and years of going to war together, Showing loyalty to your team is one of the most powerful messages in business. Your loyalty should never fail with customers or teammates ever.

Seek Excellence, Not Fame

Do what we say when we say it to build a great service, a great company, and a great culture.

Make Peace with Constant Chaos

Be consistent in the level of service provided for each shipment regardless of the level of chaos

Transparent Communication

The culture has to promote honesty and importance of constructive feedback between customers and teammates. Be humble and communicate from a servant's heart.